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Get Paid To Read Email
get paid to read email
How It Works

Most of us read email every day for a variety of reasons. Some of us even check our email several times a day. Few of us actually get paid to read email. That's about to change.

When you join a "get paid to read email" company and give them information about yourself (demographic information, your interests, your hobbies), you're helping that company build a database of detailed information on its members. The company uses all this information to attract advertisers who want to focus their advertising to a specific group of people (like 35-year-old fishermen, people interested in auto racing, or women interested in investing).

The advertisers pay the company a set amount per email to send their ad to everyone in that specific group. If you happen to fit the criteria that the advertiser is looking for, you'll receive their email and also get a cut of what the email company was paid to send it to you.

Most of the companies require you to click on a link in the email so they know you actually read it. But that seems fair, doesn't it?

Most of the companies will also pay you for referring people to them. If you refer others, you'll get paid for every email that they read too.

"I'm all over that! I want to join all the "get paid to read email" companies!"
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