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Get Paid To Visit Websites
get paid to visit websites
The Companies

If you decide to join a company, please join from our links. Get Paid Guides donates 10% of the earnings generated from our referrals directly to Save the Children and the Foundation for Blind Children.

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Amount paid per visit for... Checks are

Company Rating You Your Direct Referrals Your Indirect Referrals when? at what minimum balance? Our Referral ID
Memolink $$$$ varies 5% 2% at request 3000 points ---
MyPoints $$$ 5 - 10 points 0 0 at request 1000 points ---

Become a mystery shopper and keep what you buy -- for free.
Get coupons, free samples, and special offers on products you use every day.

Memolink Available in: US
Summary: Memolink gives away points when you log in to your account and visit their sponsors' web sites. You can also earn points by signing up for various offers. Once you've earned least 3000 points, you can redeem your points for cash or gift certificates to popular retailers like HomeDepot, Blockbuster, and The Olive Garden. Earn more points by referring your friends. You'll get 5% of the points they get and 2.5% of the points their referrals get.

IMPORTANT: You must click the account verification link toward the bottom of the first email you receive.
MyPoints Available in: US, Canada
Summary: You earn points with Mypoints by visiting websites through a MyPoints email or directly from the MyPoints site. You then redeem your points for gift cards to many name-brand companies, like Target, Circuit City, Home Depot, and Sears. Besides receiving points for visiting a site, you can usually earn more points for joining or buying something from the site. You'll also get 100 points for referring somone to MyPoints (up to 5 people a month) as long as that person earns at least 125 points.

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