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Get Paid To Visit Websites
get paid to visit websites
How It Works

Some companies are so desperate to get you to visit their sponsors, they'll actually pay you!

OK, so they're not really desperate. They're just willing to share with you some of the money they get from their advertisers. Some companies pay you cash while others award you points which you can use to buy products and services from their sponsors.

Here's an example - let's say XYZ Rewards is a "get paid to visit" company that you've joined. Let's also pretend they've been hired by Widget Makers to drive more traffic to the web site. agrees to pay XYZ Rewards 5 every time XYZ gets someone to visit As an incentive for you to click on's link or banner and visit their site, XYZ will give you 3 of that 5 cents. And if someone referred you to XYZ, then that person gets 1 every time you click a link or banner.

If that's the case, XYZ rewards is only keeping 1 out of every 5 cents they make - not much of a profit. Or is it? With the huge increase of people visiting the web site (since they're now getting paid to do so), XYZ is making a lot more money than they would be if they weren't paying people to visit. Make sense?

To make things easier, most of the companies categorize their links or banners so that you can choose to visit sites that interest you. Give these companies a try - they're free!

"Alright, I want to visit websites and get paid for it. Show me which companies I can join!"
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